About Velpa 91

“Velpa 91” is a Bulgarian manufacturer specialising in the production of corrugated cardboard and packaging. The company initially called- Factory for Paper & Packaging whose foundation dates back to 1973. After its privatization in 1998 the company becomes a part of Norecom Group.

Throughout its half-century history Velpa 91 has established itself as a stable and reliable customer-oriented producer.The variety of its offering and many customizable options have further contributed to the company’s excellent reputation among its customers.

Investment policy

“VELPA91” JSC is located in the town of Strazhitsa, in close proximity to the town of Veliko Tarnovo. Thanks to its location “VELPA91” JSC prevails over the rest of the competitor it is ideally positioned to fulfil the high demands of its customers with both the quick and timely completion of their orders and the provision of convenient transportation to the customers’ site of operation.

The company’s policy aims at providing high quality services in finding the ideal packaging solution. The competitive price offering, individual approach and just-in-time manufacturing have enabled Velpа 91 to meet the specific requirements of its customers and gain strong market share in the region. The above has consolidated the company’s position as a major factor in the industry- a role that it holds to this day.