Our objectives

1. Customer focus:

  • Strengthening existing customer relationships and building stable new ones.
  • To be there for our customers personally, using our knowledge and experience to fulfil quickly and flexibly customers’ needs and help them to operate safe, reliable and efficient processes.
  • Providing high quality products at acceptable prices. However, the high quality of our packaging doesn’t come just from using the latest equipment, it is also resulting from our innovative and functional solutions, which reflect the way in which we interact with our customers- from the first contact via our sales organization to the delivery of ordered products and after-sales support.
  • delivering customised packaging solutions in a short lead time.
  • Offering benefit system of payments for loyal customers.
  • Offering a more varied assortment of products compared to the competitors in the local market;
  • Adopting the production of new types of products such as luxury consumer packaging and developing this particular market niche.
  • Maintaining our competitive market position.
  • Improving the quality of our work to meet our customers’ expectations.
  • Continuous investment in improving and development of new technologies and products in our plant, while also attempting to optimise the resultant costs.
  • Stabilising the positions in the home market and expanding to the foreign market on the Balkan Peninsula and in Western Europe.

2. Suppliers focus:

  • to establish long-term relationships for the purchase of raw material.