Luxury Packaging

The packaging sells the product. It preserves the product’s quality, protects it from contamination, facilitates its transportation and carries information about the product destined for the client.

Our luxury packagings are custom tailored, with unique design, way of folding, different method of opening and closing, with or without handles, semi-opened, with a lid, full color print, etc.

Such packagings are manufactured for the food industry, pharmacy and cosmetics, various household articles, etc.

The packaging for pharmacy and cosmetics are usually small size with full color print, various way of closing and presentation of the packed product.

The packagings for household articles feature various way of opening, print and special holes for product presentation. They ensure the required strength for preservation and proper presentation of the product to the client. The type of the corrugated cardboard depends on the product size. For the smaller size it is more appropriate to use thinner corrugated cardboard, E flute and for the largest ones (boilers, refrigerators, etc.) five ply cardboard B+C flute.

The packagings for the furniture industry are usually large sized with a high load capacity. They are manufactured out of brown three ply or five ply corrugated cardboard. Where it is appropriate for the product packagings can be partially open.